Facetune2 is a free photo editor designed for editing selfies and portrait shots. This program is good in its work due to a large number of useful functions and professional photo retouching tools. In the age of information technology and social networks, photographs play a key role, because photographs on the Internet create the first impression of a person before meeting him directly. In order to please people and attract a large audience, many people use photo editors and programs for retouching pictures. Facetune2 is a great option for those who like to post selfies or portrait pictures on the Internet. The utility will help you hide all the imperfections on your face, make it smoother and smoother. Download the official version of the Facetune2 app for free from our website.


The application runs on the following operating systems:

  • Android – Install a free photo editor on your smartphone or tablet running Android OS and retouch your pictures the way you want.
  • iOS – Download a professional photo editor to your iPhone or iPad and take advantage of all its features and benefits.

Features of the Facetune2 program

  • A large gallery of filters and effects to change your shots. Use the suggested filters to transform your photos and make them more memorable and attractive.
  • Professional face retouching. The program has a large number of professional tools with which you can achieve the effect of smooth and even skin on your pictures without any imperfections. Beauty filters will do all the work for you, you only need to choose the right one for you. If you don't like something in the finished filter, you can retouch your pictures yourself using the brush tool.
  • Remove acne in no time with a stamp or patch. Irregularities on the skin will help you fix the smoothing tool. You can easily even out the skin tone, remove greasy shine, make the skin more matte and healthy.
  • With the details option, you can emphasize your strengths, such as eyes or lips. The application also allows you to whiten your teeth in the picture.
  • After retouching the photo, you can add makeup to your face. Use a brush to draw an outline, add blush, shadows, lipstick, etc. You can change the shape of the eyebrows and add different types of eyelashes.
  • In addition to easy correction, you can also completely change the shape of your face. Change the shape of the nose, if you don't like it, change the contour of the cheekbones, adjust the oval of the face.


Facetune2 is an indispensable program for avid users of social networks who monitor their image and rating among their subscribers. The utility will help you stay on top and surprise everyone with your perfect shots.